The Spa at Briarcliff

Critics' Choice

Getting naked and floating in a 12-inch-deep tub of mineral-dense, 94-degree–Fahrenheit water in a dark, silent room is far from your bachelorette-day spa experience — and that's the point. The true value of the posh Spa at Briarcliff's "float experience," also known as a sensory-deprivation float, is to shut out the world for 60 minutes and exist without texts, Facebook or "urgent" meeting requests. In this water, you float without any effort, and you can doze off without drowning. Music and lights can be adjusted to your taste. And trust us — just when you think your brain isn't going to shut down and you won't be able to relax, a psychic change occurs. You lose track of time and space. But when the time is up, one of the spa's friendly attendants runs a hot shower for you, and you feel weightless — gelatinous, even. A little peace and quiet can take you a long way.

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