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Hard Times Are in Fashion, Koufax

It seems like only yesterday that politicians and pundits were prefacing every statement with "in the wake of 9/11." Now, with an entirely new disaster (and subsequent governmental failure) on the nation's mind, "in the wake of Hurricane Katrina" has become standard. Add to that downer an endless emergency in Iraq, high gas prices, the Royals' boundless capacity for suckiness and George Bush's control of the Supreme Court -- not to mention whatever tremors of hardship are shaking your life -- and out comes the mantra Hard Times Are in Fashion, which happens to be the title of a splendid and timely new album by Lawrence's Koufax. The release of Hard Times and the band's tour of Europe should help to put our proud flyspeck of a musical oasis on the world map, but even if it doesn't, new Koufax fans will at least have something to get high to in these low times.
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