Best 3 a.m. Bar

Caddy Shack

On some nights, it takes until past the requisite 1:30 a.m. closing time to really get a good buzz kickin'. So before the shouts of "last call" ring out, take advantage of Missouri's permissive liquor laws and head to Columbus Park for a nightcap at Caddy Shack. The lovable bartenders at this 17-year-old neighborhood bar know why you've entered their domain in the early hours of the morning, and they're happy to make sure you go home good and drunk. Free popcorn, some of the city's stiffest Jäger Bombs, and a better-than-average jukebox will keep you busy as you watch the clock tick toward closing time. If you get there early enough, the bar's signature thin-crust pizza (served until 2 a.m.) lines your stomach with something other than booze. It may not sound like much, but trust us: It's a love affair best understood after midnight.

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