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Belief Is Not Required



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Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual, the changing mind

All eyes continue to be on you. Your shyness is evident to those of us who pay attention to your moods. For those activities that matter to you, your heightened energy and curiosity become apparent. A New Moon in compatible and insistent Leo increases your confidence in your ideals, political and metaphysical. The sky's the limit for what you could be thinking of as your next "save the world" project. If this project has turned into a person, then admit to yourself how much you can afford to give away freely without any thought of return. This is not to say there won't be a return. You must learn to not count the cost. After all, to give to receive is a manipulation (unless you've been taught to treat love like a business arrangement).

Water Element
What a little optimism can do, it's sorta like moonlight. In a real sense, you can be warm and less fuzzy ...

Scorpio, October 23-November 21, concentrating feeling (soul)

As I'm fond of saying, "You may not know everything, but you suspect everything." However, in your well-honed suspicions, you lose out on the joy of connecting with others. This New Moon challenges your root assumptions about others you've cast out of your life. Maybe it's time to see if they've finally grown up and within. Leo helps you lighten up and cease taking yourself too seriously. Earlier this week, you felt like you were dragging the world around, an ungrateful one at that. The more you can clear your soul of feeling that negative history is destined to re-create, the more you'll know and suspect others less.

Pisces, February 19-March 19, adapting and learning feeling (soul)

You're like the seven dwarfs who sang hi, ho, off to work we go! When your heart is left out of your service, everyone loses. Part of your innate charm is to notice the little things that we don't (with the exception of Cancer and Scorpio) and then to joyfully do them. Your healing capacities are unrivaled. A New Moon in solidly confident and fiery Leo gives you the impetus to take that next level of self-care that helps those who are connected to you. Be willing to know which emotional extremes to avoid. You can do this through daily taking time to consider what your higher self would do before you act.

Cancer, June 21-July 22, initiating feeling (soul)

Love animates everything in the universe. Much like the sun shining behind the clouds, love or the lack of love motivates our actions. Too simplistic? Well, the beauty of summer's middle point being past is that you get to reflect on the quality of love received. You tend to be excellent at giving to others. Take the word "mother" and the letter "s," and we've got your moving in the neighborhoods of martyrdom and resentment. Give back to yourself. Imagine that you are on an airplane with a small child. We are asked to put our oxygen masks on first and then tend to our dependents. This symbol serves you well in your relationships. You must realize that your relationships can seem like an unequal parent and child, no?

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