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Belief Is Not Required



Major Planetary Note (MPN): Leo New Moon on Friday, August 17 @ 1056a CDT.

Basic Meaning of MPN: The first four signs (Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer) center upon egocentric and personal development. Their key phrases are "I am," "I have," "I think" and "I feel," respectively. With Leo, its motto is "I will." This willpower must be heart-centered and focused upon the development of the group. If not, then Leo's willpower becomes acts of domination and control instead of a joyous outpouring of one's personal, but integrated, humanity. Listen to "Have a Heart" by Scorpion Bonnie Raitt.

Thought Food (contemplate): The paradox that the more individual your expression and awareness, the more universal and inclusive your life becomes.

Questions: From where can you act with courage and no judgment while being aware of how your actions affect others?

Fire Element
Be the divine agent of cause in your life, instead of reacting dramatically to the effects of life.

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spirit, aka individuality (fire)

We have passed midsummer. Now, we focus on what can be harvested within our centered spirits. Your guidance is paramount. You must live from a courageous stance. Like heart that pumps our life force, you are to exhibit your core truths. This New Moon will test your inner veracity. If you've been telling yourself the basic truth about your secret desires, then you will not draw an unpredictable element that tells these truths at a most embarrassing moment. Goal: Exhibit healthy self-acceptance while being honest. Be the hero or heroine of your own life, and that requires that you like how we reflect yourself back to you. Locate those souls who tell you that there is no running or hiding from your core truths.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting and learning spirit, aka individuality (fire)

You were born to learn how to handle the excesses of life. The expanding waistline, the foot that keeps a space in your mouth or the high horse of generally expressed truths: These all ride along with your journey. A New Moon in Leo exacerbates these shadowy traits. Surprise your exuberant spirit and those who support you, and temper your midsummer binge. It would be a good idea to devote yourself to some philosophy that you've long ignored. You possess so much potential, and this New Moon is helping you ride the wave of taking the "long view." Resist the petty voice that all fire signs speak from when their desires are not met or when you feel you've been disrespected. Let respect be a food that's fed from your inner spirit, not a sweet candy stolen from some false acquaintance.

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spirituality and action (fire)

Your vibrations naturally attune to the exalted individuality of this time of year. Let the celebrations begin and continue! Like King Louis XIV, who said, "L'etat, c'est moi" (I am the state), you have the capacity to live as the creative cause of your life. You are your own judge, jury and executioner when you take time to reflect upon your effect upon others. Leo time of year demands that you act and display your grandest self for all to see. Leos and Sagittarians take their clues from you. So, if you say one thing and do another, you damage their ability to trust their inner spirits fully. I'm not suggesting that you worry about your image, only your integrity (which has taken a major hit since July 3). Have you over-compromised in a relationship out of fear of nonacceptance or loss?

Earth Element
The greatest of love all happens when you work with what you have.

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