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Aquarius, January 20-February 18, concentrating and solid mind (air)

The last air and the 11th sign, you carry the water, but you are an air sign. You must maintain incredible mastery over your feelings in order to get the best use out of your massive brain. Too much feeling clouds your judgment - as too much condensation in the air makes for heavy clouds that bring rain. You must strike the right balance, lest you become fanatical and anti-social. Sagittarius and Aries are your sister-girl signs. They can behave like your siblings of either gender, fighting you when you need it, nurturing you when you've become "all things to everyone else." That's your secret. You can relate to any human being on the planet; you identify. However, the water bearer has to detach and learn what he or she needs for herself. Aries has very little problem asking for what he wants in the moment. Vision to action without taking a breath, that's the zodiac infant at work. Sag gives you the overarching (pun intended, they're the archer of the zodiac) theory behind your actions. You must synthesize both, let them help you be the star you already know you are. Although, in your lonelier moments, ponder that stars shine brightest in the darkness.

Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual, the changing mind

The first air and third sign of the circle of animals, aka the zodiac, Gemini is learning to create the language to communicate. Each sign has different relationships attached to it. Yours represents siblings. Along with Aquarius and Libra, you were born to instigate new forms of how we join with each other. However, your sibling signs are in a compatible element, not the same element. We need a bit of friction, some astrological sibling rivalry to get our blood flowing and synapses firing. And fire is just what this Juris Doctor (lawyer) orders, Aries and Leo. When you oscillate between two actions (naughty and nice), Aries goads you into action; any action will do (just shut up about it, though). Aries and Gemini could have come up with the slogan "git her done." Leo inspires your more refined twin. They'll treat you to the best spots in town to eat, shop or people-watch. Leo likes your quick wit and sometimes slippery ethics, makes them feel superior (as if they need any help). Whatever. Both of your fire-sign siblings want you to take advantage of your potentials, cease being the jack of the trade and become a master of the trade. As I tell anyone involved with fire signs, no matter what type of relationship ... don't look at what they say; look at what they do.

Water Element
Your sibling signs fall in the earth element. In these days of Midwest drought, we need your soulful qualities to make the land lush, symbolically speaking.

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