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Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth and its structure (physical)

Oh, dear, mountain goat, your sign is the third earth and 10th sign. Like Sagittarius (who is the only subjective fire sign above the horizon), you are the only earth sign above the horizon. The upper hemisphere in star talk demonstrates what is seen in the disinfectant of daylight, our objective reality. Therefore, like your next neighbor fire sign, you know where you want your physicality to manifest. Your sister signs are Scorpio and Pisces. Scorpio will help you bury the bodies, symbolically speaking, of course ... ? That's a joke, mostly. No, really, there's a loyalty between you and Scorp that is rarely verbalized. My intensely private Cap sister may not like my talking about the signs in this way. That's a joke, for sure. Anyway, when your sister-girl relationship with Scorpio gets too insulated and "ends justify the means" like, you need to call a Pisces for a compassionate take on things. Now, it has to be a fish with a spiritual, artistic and psychological practice, because if you get one of those spaced-out or materialistic Pisces, you'll need Scorp again to help bury the body. Leo 2012's wisdom is this for you: Lust may not last longer than love, but the physical body has needs.

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth and her pleasures (physical)

The first earth and second sign gives Taurus an abundance of personal magnetism. You can easily become ungrateful, greedy and entitled to a life of ease. At the beginning of crisis or rejection, you run (well, you rarely run); you move methodically to the proverbial hills. Your sister signs of Pisces and Cancer can offer up other options for you. Pisces gives you perspectives you had not considered. You won't tell those born under the sign of fishes this, but you'll respond faster the next time they call or text. Cancer keeps you humble. These emotional folks remind you how good your childhood was compared with theirs. They'll get you to see how strong you are and how you can make anything happen if you consistently work at it. Your ruler is about to begin to cover new ground. It's called Venus Unbound and Unfettered, a new book. Your relationship life is ready for a new chapter.

Air Element
Your sibling signs blaze confidently through the fire element.

Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual (air) and forming new relationships

As the second air and seventh sign, Libra is in a unique position to see the egocentric ways of the preceding six signs and the rigorous development demanded of the following five signs. Yours is the first sign of the upper (collective) hemisphere. How do you transform enough of the ego's self-interest to truly connect with another? Because you are a mentally driven air sign, this process is an intellectual one. Conducting your endless public-polling efforts are your two sibling signs of Leo and Sagittarius. Leo adores your cute-as-a-button nature (if male, it's your jaw line). These royal lions or lionesses will allow you in their court only when you have learned your lesson of self-appreciation first. Shopping sprees, manicures, pedicures and salon visits are musts. In order to not seem too superficial, volunteerism is at least discussed. You know very well what (and whom) you want. Sag, like the ol' hip-hop moniker, demands that you "keep it real." Let me just say, there is nothing worse than a showy and vacillating Libran (other than maybe a mean-spirited and judgmental Pisces). This particular type of Libran picks the petals from the daisy (poor, poor daisy) while narcissistically saying, "he loves me, he loves me not." Sag ain't having it (and neither is Leo; that's why they stopped calling you). Sag keeps you honest within yourself because they'll tell you when you're faking the funk.

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