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Pisces, February 19-March 19, adapting and learning feeling (soul)

What are your touchstones? It is not, I repeat not, a time to "have your cake and eat it, too." No matter how many orphans you shelter or quilts you make, you will regret going against your vows. Taurus will protect you. But only when honesty is your North Star, like an African-American slave in Texas circa 1864 (that nether time with slow communication). It was not until June 19, 1865, that Texas human chattel knew they were free (sort of, freedom of assembly was frowned upon). Taurus alleviates any of your guilt, if your motives align.

Aquarius will not be so generous of spirit. These eccentric (and often geniuslike folks) tell you when you have an eye or nose boogah (gook in these places). These late January to February people will also give you a well-needed dose of objectivity, when your source beliefs have become fanatical and extreme. Listen to them carefully with less preconceived notions. You'll need them in the upcoming three years. Oh, I didn't tell you that Uranus and Pluto square off until March 16, 2015? My bad. Feel free to make a constructive comment at this column's end.

Fire element: Scorched earth, that's you over the next three years. Be careful lest you burn us all, including yourself. My younger sister visited me last year for Father's Day. Tracy hooked our whole household on HBO's Game of Thrones. One character screams, "Where are my dragons?!" Must watch to get the subtle aspects, but suffice it to say, know where your creative powers lie, symbolized by the "dragons" ... !

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spirituality (fire)

I want more interaction like I have with Wahabah (Facebook reference from last week). Will you give a brother a comment or two? Feedback is good; constructive feedback is better. This Leo gives me some of my best feedback. From an oppressed group(s) to another(s), your call brings additional response. Hallejah! Mazel tov! Ojala!

Who will sustain your special spirit over these next three years?
Sagittarius can act like Sen. Barack Obama of four to five years ago and emphatically say, "Yes, we can!" So open your suspicious heart and give Sagittarians more than the benefit of the doubt. Realistically and enthusiastically promote them and their constructive causes. Who will the borderline part of yourself accuse of sabotaging you? Virgos play this role in your life. You imagine Virgo has no good love for you. But nothing could be further from the truth, as said truth will be played out in third dimensional reality. Virgo will act as if they know what it is like to be you, human flaws and all. Believe them, after you believe yourself and a miscellaneous Cancer or Scorpio. (Pisces need not be heeded or believed, as they tend to oppose Virgo's Vulcan logic.) Do you want to make your story right or do you want to be loved fully and deeply?

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting and learning spirituality (fire)

As I've stated in Question 1 in this column's introduction, who's your hero? Or, better said, how can you be your own hero? Fire signs, such as yourself along with Aries and Leo, need stories to tell. Big fish stories, stuffing bras and jockstraps kinds of stories, these be you. The more insecure, the larger the toilet paper or sock. The sign that will keep your Costco budget under control is ... wait for it: Leo.

Now, the proverbial shoe drops. The sign who does this through a look, gesture or dismissal is Taurus. They perseveringly look to your financial bottom lines, completion of degrees or a ginormous trust fund. Without a long-term goal, do not court (hookups r ok) Taurus. Unless you enjoy reveling in their boot on your spiritual neck, leave these late-April to middle-May people alone. Charm only lasts so long with them.

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