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Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth (physical)

You are so ready to perfect your creations. In other words, you should have been twice the self-determining self that you are. Now, you desire to refine what you've begun. You are like a parent of a gifted child. Some activity or work is your gifted child. Humility wins the day. There is no need to berate yourself if you think you are behind the curve (that is, have less than those of the same age). These next four months were tailor-made for you to catch up. By October 5, we'll be having a different conversation, one that'll begin, "Now that you've arrived, how will you instruct your peers? ... "

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

After a year of the teacher/savior/guru energy of Jupiter in your sign, it is time to consolidate the new philosophical beginnings and increased prosperity offered to you. It is "put your money where your mouth is" time. Like Sagittarius, you have the gift of gab. So much so, you can easily inspire us to take on challenges that your cautious ass would never do. So, like I told Sag, preach only what you practice. It may be time to create a second income stream, not so much for more money but for the challenge and growth. Show your latent talent(s).

The Rising Sign, aka Ascendant, represents your approach to life and the mask you wear. Read that sign as well to get additional information on what is in store this week.

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