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Belief Is Not Required



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Pisces, find your home. Locate your soul. It will be entirely too easy to live your life from a bumper-sticker philosophy while Jupiter is in Gemini. You can mimic real spirituality in a "fake it, 'til you make it" mentality. Attempt to deepen your responses; otherwise, your left hand won't know what the right hand is doing. That's why coming home to yourself means realizing how you were reared is important, but forgiving their mishaps is paramount. What traditions do you want to begin? How can you get over your need to be right (often through reframing the issue) to be fully connected, soulfully so?

Fire Element

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spiritual (building your identity)

When you have siblings who are also your friends, you have arrived. You demonstrate the best part of your heart in this manner. It is important to develop your relationships, your individual communication style over the next year. You do not have to know all of the answers, but you must stay involved. You've heard that no one is an island, and that is why you are to let your communication style evolve and grow. No resting upon your laurels. Leave complacency behind. Ask for realistic feedback. Use it to become a better you.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting spirituality (fire)

Your ruling planet (Jupiter) changes signs on June 11, leaving the earthy, pragmatic world of Taurus to enter oscillating and mental Gemini. You tend toward overcommitment disease, that is, trying to cram many adventures in a 24-hour day. This next year will test your resolve and our patience. Use this planetary energy to step up your curiosity about what makes your neighbor, co-worker or friend tick. Resist the temptation to gloss over the contradicting fact to what would otherwise be an incredible story. Realize that you cannot teach everyone you meet, so cease trying. Instead preach only what you practice, and the world will be a better place.

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spiritual (fire, visionary)

After a year of building and consolidating your resources, you have an excellent reserve in which to take a couple of risks. Jupiter in mentally agile Gemini for the next 12 months gives you a green light to investigate different areas of intellectual growth. Educate yourself about any subject or activity in which you have interest. You don't have to be a professor, just an open-minded student. Streamline your manner of communicating. Take time to think about what's being asked before you answer. Many short day trips are in your future.

Earth Element

Virgo, August 23-September 22, adapting earth (physical)

Mars (passion) is still in your sign. If you have spruced up and become more fit, what are you waiting for? Cease seeing what you are not good at, or what you do not have. It is beyond time to move beyond the past that was filled with your personal negative cheerleading team. Huh? See the possibilities of expansion in your career or vocation. Look at what you do know how to do well. Jupiter in Gemini for the next 12 months challenges you to take a risk. Because he's moving through an air sign, the risk will be mental. Think outside your well-formed box. You will not be sorry.

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