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Belief Is Not Required



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You try working with those of the water element who believe that they are "spiritual" and "evolved" and come away feeling good. I apologize for my dry ass Scorpio ways when it comes to the initiating (but sometimes unexamined) waters of Cancer. Moon children, you must accept how vulnerable you are to every tide of feeling. This does not mean you must act out on every feeling that comes your way. This Venus transit over the Sun highlights your ability to channel and feel the divinity of love. You have an untutored capacity to give without any expectation of return, simply because you've got it like that! (Didn't know I was going to add the exclamation point until it hollered that I needed to.) Anyhow, you teach Pisces a thing or two about only sharing authentic feelings.

Understand, sign of the fishes, that you can swim with them using lead or an otherworldly substance that is still undefined. When you lose your belief in those inexplicable magical things, you lose the beauty that captivates the rest of us, the mainstream. This transit of Venus (afternoon on June 5, accentuates your fourth house of personal history, soul and how you come home to yourself. Is it the self with a capital "S"? If not, the proverbial chickens roost in your heart of hearts around late July. The first six months of this year were made to challenge your resolve to end any and all disingenuous characteristics and antics. Drama is as drama does. However, the more real, the more love that's given.

Scorpio, October 23-November 21, concentrating feeling (soul)

Read the other two water signs first. Like pork being advertised as "the other white meat," just what are you advertising? It is not as if I am talking about your asking for an assault, but you must take responsibility for your provocative ways. Like the movie The Sixth Sense, where the child saw dead people, you can see unevolved people. It is not your responsibility to help them transform. When they ask, pay, beg or confront, oh, hell-to-the-yeah, evolve their soon-to-be-sorry asses! However, until June 27, hold off on any rampages of appointing yourself the head person in charge regarding another's growth. Be a pre-Darwin soul; you've heard nothing of the origin or evolution of species (although you've just vacationed on Galapagos Isle, OK?

Fire Element

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spiritual (building your identity)

Try as I might, I learn to enjoy adoring you. When you speak unabashedly from your heart's desire, you are ir-fucking-resistible. This Venus retrograde has all the markings of your turning a dance into a romance. Dances turned romantic (props to the late Whitney Houston's "I Want to Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me") are what these next two months are about for you. If there's no real love around you, check yourself. Explore the narrative of what you tell yourself about love. I'll help you. This is what Scorpios (psychologically healthy ones) were born to do for you. I had this story that I could be friends with everyone on the planet if I decided that is what I wanted to be. But who'd love me, for me? I possess strong Leo, too (surprise, surprise, props to the late Jim Nabors of Gomer Pyle fame). What story have you been telling yourself repeatedly about the intersection of erotic and friendship love? You may not be on the right side of your own history, huh?

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting spirituality, wise adviser
Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spiritual (fire, visionary)

It is rumored that Jupiter and Juno fought like cats and dogs (or when thunder is explained by the Devil beating his wife ... ). With Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Virgo, you two fire signs are being taken to task about how you go about manifesting what you visualize. It is not OK to request to be forgiven when you have grown to a clear point of maturity. Sag, you have until June 11 to purify, purify, purify. Act as if your soul were a restaurant and it must be located on the precise spot to bring the best mates to you. Aries, the past year has been about your ability to man up (you female warrior Aries, too). You've had to manage the largesse, the abundances that have been blithely placed in your lap. We trust you, Aries. Do not abuse it, please.

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