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Belief Is Not Required


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"Live long and prosper" is a science-fiction saying from Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek. It describes the Vulcan race, Earth's first alien contact in the sci-fi lore. These purely logical people represent our left hemisphere divorced from the right one, therefore showing the politically conservative brain at its earthly worse.

Fortunately, we have Venus (planetary signature of values, be they conservative, liberal or mixed) appearing to move backward until June 27. Label your reality carefully. Be willing to change your mental direction, especially when facts contradict an unexamined viewpoint.

Along with Venus on a reverse walkabout in an around-way neighborhood, we have a partial eclipse in Gemini on Sunday, May 20, at 6:47p CDT. This first day of the perpetually negotiating twins demands that you get in touch with your inner contra-sexual self. Carl Jung called it the anima (soul) in men and the animus (spirit) in women.

Women are from Venus, but each woman has Mars (her masculine self), too. Men are from Mars, but each man has Venus (his feminine self), too. Transgender, fluidly queer types are at least 25 to 50 years ahead of their cultural and social times.

Gemini allows us to experience our internal, allegedly opposite, self through our biggest sex organ, the brain. In ancient Greco-Roman mythology, the union of Venus and Mercury created Hermaphroditus. A hermaphrodite is a child born with both genitalia. Let's get our minds out of the physical world, and let's stay mental, emotional and spiritual. So, how do you think, feel and act from an orientation?

Air Element

Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual, the changing mind

All our eyes are on you. We look to you to bring the fresh and original perspective to love and sex. Beginning with being the zodiac's true flirt (you compete with Libra, but for different reasons; read that message for further understanding), you desire feedback from those you consider attractive. The current Venus turnaround hits unique places within your soul that ask for a renewed definition of what is or who is attractive. If you cannot explain another's magnetism, then maybe you've rushed to judgment like a sexually suppressed male in 19th-century San Francisco who married a prostitute in leisure only to repent in a bathroom. I could be talking about Sen. Larry Craig and his wide stance in the Minneapolis International Airport, too. Just seize the day or dance to the rhythm of the night. How about both day and night? Joy integrates both like the progeny of Venus and Mercury.

Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual

On June 5 at sunset, we get to see Venus transit across the Sun. We will see this astronomical phenomenon again in 2117. I invoke my higher guidance to deliver Kansas City a clear and sunny day. As owner of the scales, you are learning to balance the opposites: night and day, female and male, soul and ego. After your mental self accepts how opposites complement each other, you self-actualize, dazzling your best detractors. Detractors are those who did not pass your frenemy experiment. Oh, c'mon, you are the one who said (and made it stick), "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." That's the progenitor of the frenemy relationship. Go back to history to glean which larger, inclusive and, therefore, higher philosophy to act on. Any alienation to those closest to you? Check whether you have asked for this time through nonverbal clues first before there is discussion.

Aquarius, January 20-February 18, concentrating intellectual

"Beef. It's what's for dinner." But what if you're a vegetarian or someone who eats no four-footed animals? Then, what's for dinner? Let's use dinner as a symbol for the ability to enjoy and reflect upon what made your day worth living. I live communally. It is basically unheard of to not ask, "How was your day?" at sunset. After ingesting the Puritan work ethic malaise throughout the day, it is increasingly important to take deep breaths to relax. Love and support are all around you. Refine your sensitivities to recognize how many people conspire to do your bidding. Is love finite? Only if your ego has built up impenetrable defenses, so either we've been worn down or we've lost interest. The good dinner depends upon the company with whom you eat. See first what's going well in your eating partners. There's usually time for constructive criticism later.


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