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Belief Is Not Required



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Bottom line:
First-class citizens share the same marriage rights; second-class citizens get "separate, but equal" civil unions; third-class citizens get to shack up and fornicate (OK, that last one was humorous mostly to mask the pain). Thanks, Ms. Maddow, for inspiring this bottom line (no pun intended).

Earth Element

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

In the spirit of your guardian planet retrograding (appearing to move backward from Earth's perch), let's talk a bit of Chinese. In the I Ching (also called The Book of Changes), you are being called on to do just that, change. Not a fan of change, so let's frame it and call it transformation. You have the ability to move away from a critical mass where you think the roof is about to cave in to a realistic assessment of where your inner truth exists. Huh? The answers to your most pressing problems are within you. No shit, Sherlock, you shout?! Yes, but have you looked inside past your egocentric assumptions? Have you deconstructed what Mommy Dearest may have passed down? Parents love imperfectly, too. Let this weekend remove your blinders around unexamined traditions. After all, Venus' aboriginal walkabout was made to get you to break with routine presumptions. Get to moving.

Virgo, August 23-September 22, adapting earth (physical)

Like it or not, your exceptionally critical self serves a needed function. Like any artist, you reunite us with reality. However, when you are not tied to the source of your knowledge through practical applications, you can easily become the hypocrite that our ancestors and teenagers warned us about. "The town may change, but the well stays the same" is a metaphor for that the people come and go, but the need for water and nourishment remains. Spring roots. Your mind turns to adventure and achievement. Through broadcasting your unique perspective, you nourish those closest to you. And, like a teenager, put a bit of sass in your expression. On you, a rebel with a cause has rarely looked so good or had so much swagger. If you do not believe what you're saying, neither will we.

Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth (physical)

For your soul's perch, you live in a gentrified neighborhood. You know what needs to be fixed in your life. You have the determination to make a mark, to live a legacy. In your quiet zeal to affect history, this explains your calculated caution that some mistakenly read as excessive ambition. With dwarf planet Pluto giving your soul a timeout in your potentially flooded basement (read: psychological foundations built in early childhood), you have an excellent opportunity to rise above your roots and display your best self. It's all about integrating your private and public self. So what if you've had a green acres or ghetto fabulous beginning? It is to where you've grown, how you've restored yourself and, most importantly, the people you've helped along the way.

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