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April showers may indeed bring May flowers, but there is no raining on your parade. It's show-of-confidence time, never letting them see you sweat. That's the whole of the theme for this week's column. Decision time, though: Who are they, the "them," who ought not see you sweat?

Earth Element

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

You're beginning to get it. You're beginning to understand how much we depend on you. The current planetary mix is there, beaming up parts of you that no longer work down here on Earth. Sure, your consistency can turn to predictability, which can make you seem less exciting than the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Who said comfort was a bad thing? You have all the tools to be supportive of others, but you cannot take yourself and what you have to offer for granted, nor can you feel entitled to receiving our help. If anyone can walk that tightrope between confidence and arrogance, it is you.

Virgo, August 23-September 22, adapting earth (physical)

Your life is like a small country breaking away from a larger one. You want self-determination. You are marshaling your internal forces to become recognized on a larger stage. The work you've been doing since last November has begun to come to fruition. You have the right stuff to complete the right tasks at the right time. That's a lot of rights. Continue your quest for passionate self-actualization. Even if you have to stage a coup or two, these ends will justify your means. Check to make sure that you have all of your allies onboard before you act from the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive strike onto another country whom you believe has weapons of mass destruction. Do your oppositional research on those who've wronged you before you begin a war that is entirely more difficult to end than it was to begin. The simple answer is make and think love, not war.

Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth (physical)

Your common-sense self knows the philosophy of something not being right or fair, but it is OK. You are more of peacemaker than we realize. And where there are skirmishes, there is also a need for your brand of luxurious diplomacy. It is a luxury to consider other points of view, because if survival weighs on your mind, there are certain things you must do, and considering how someone else thinks about something does not enter into the equation. Hopefully, you are not at this level. Realize that you are being called to court your inner mercenary. But, like Virgo's message, do not awaken war if you can still have peace. But, unlike Virgo, your war rages within. Can you cease your negativity long enough to actualize your highest potential? Can you place limitations on excessive discipline and self-judgment? How can you learn to accept more without compromising your principles?

Air Element

Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual, the changing mind

It's an excellent planetary thing that Venus (purveyor of love and joy) is in your sign until August 7. She gives you an attractiveness that tones down the warrior energy that is fighting in your deep subconscious. To the casual observer (and do you like any other kind?), you appear to be flexible and lighthearted. However, those who have been on the receiving end of your silent treatment know that you have a long long-term memory. Let Venus rain down her pleasurable energies onto you. In a wave of rapturous delight, continue to make yourself over in an image that demonstrates what's happening in your deep and wondrous soul. You possess talents that you've just begun to realize, much less know how to demonstrate to the rest of us. We be having the time because really, time cannot truly be wasted.

Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual

We talk much about "bad boys" in our culture. We have not talked enough about a male's attraction to the "bad girl." The physical and assertive aspects of the female, we want to suppress and repress. You, as the only initiating air sign, build new relationship paradigms. Can you not incorporate the "bad" into your primary relationship? What you repress splits off and forms your shadow. Conflict in others may be a sign of what you have not acknowledged within you. Recognize those simmering attractions to a close friend, neighbor or co-worker. You may act on this or you may not, but know some of that "bad" exists within you.

Aquarius, January 20-February 18, concentrating intellectual

Was it not Aquarian Abe Lincoln who quipped when accused of being two-faced, "If I had another face, would this be the one I would choose?' To those of us who are more, shall I say, focused on the details, you can appear, in your broad-minded tolerance, to be all things to all people. Your way of thinking created the use of "political correctness." However, once we really get to know you, you have loyalty to the truth, no matter what the cost. And, star child, it has been costly to be you of late. You are needing a "soul feeding." A soul feeding is like a carwash, but it happens when you allow yourself to recognize what is missing in your life. You don't have to wear the placating face any longer. Sit with your longings; meander within them. What has started to correct itself will continue to correct itself.

Water Element

Cancer, June 21-July 22, initiating feeling (soul)

You have been besieged with so many emotional forces and needs that you want to escape. No. You must confront what has you paranoid and fearful. This weekend is tailor-made for a psychological sitting in order to heal what has been broken for far too long. This sitting can be formal with someone you trust. Or it can be a roll in the hay with someone you trust. The point is to not feel like you must force any intimacies. If they do not flow, then just say, "No." You carry too many emotional responsibilities as it is; therefore, it makes little sense to ingratiate or push for a connection that is not reciprocal enough for you.

Scorpio, October 23-November 21, concentrating feeling (soul)

Like an Australian walkabout, it is time for you to do that within your own soul. If you are doing your best, cannot others be doing their bests, too? Not everyone is as tuned into their inner psychological working as you are. That's why you make such a good healer and confidant. Let this spring demonstrate to you how much you've grown, without the need to prove it to anyone. Those who have eyes and have been scouting you see you as you truly are, and they desire to help. Let the right ones in without too many tests of their veracity. A benefit of doubt given freely will not hurt you, at this time.

Pisces, February 19-March 19, adapting feeling (soul)

With one of your planetary rulers (Neptune) in your sign, you can feel the ground shifting beneath your feet. You gotta have faith that your world will be remade in your own image, if you've done the work of checking your motivations at the door. In other words, you are learning to surrender your will to a higher (and sometimes mysterious) will. When your feelings mix and seem contradictory, that can be a sure sign that you've overthought something (and usually on a faulty premise). Retreat. Relax. The small still voice of intuition can still get through; you simply must create the conditions for this to occur.

Fire Element

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spiritual (fire, visionary)

Flame thrower Mars sits in nervously analytical Virgo, creating perfect scenarios for work and service. You have been in the catbird's seat of late. Taking no prisoners and suffering no fools gladly, it has been a whirlwind of self-awareness and confident self-expression. Your life doesn't resemble these remarks? Well, then, get to cracking. You have planetary signatures demanding (if they do not demand, the planets cajole strongly) that you perfect your craft, vocation or some aspect of your immense troubleshooting abilities. No whining about delays or maddening people who don't do things your efficient way that's better. You are better than a reactionary. Your enthusiasm is one reason that we keep you around. Now, keep on inspiring us through your ability to at least attempt to re-create the wheel ...

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spiritual (building your identity)

You can be an Apollo Leo or a Zeus Leo. For the next week, do you want to be a gifted musician who possesses the prophetic powers of a shaman? Or would you prefer to rule your kingdom and bed anyone you desire? Realize that Zeus changed form in most of his seductions. And the fact that your sign's mission is to establish a personality and fixed center, Zeus' exploits may turn your stomach. Although, Apollo was too linear and often missed out on love's delights. Figure out a way to apply a both/and equation to your most pressing challenges; do not get caught in either/or thinking. Integrating two seemingly opposing perspectives is a mark of true maturity. You can have love without losing your mind, but your heart has to be open and willing to grow for this to happen.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting spirituality, wise adviser

Read Leo because their choice is your choice. You thrive on the synthesizing of any and all arguments. You enjoy the debate on how philosophies can be merged into something higher and enduring. You want to see long term. The timeless tale or adventure inspires your free-spirited ways. And this week, the nomad in you is fully awake and ready to put on her traveling shoes (or pants). It is important that you maintain your same-sex friendships, but it is equally important to search out advice and counsel from those of the opposite sex. You may have overlooked a perspective in your zeal to move on to the next adventure. There is nothing wrong in asking the logical questions before you hop on a plane to go away. I'd ask, "running away or running toward?"

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