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Belief Is Not Required



At last, our passions get stoked because personally driven Mars begins to move Friday, April 13, @ 1053p CDT. Mars, as a ball of energy, teaches us to assert and defend ourselves. If you have not been at your normal activity level since the end of January, look to this warrior for answers.

Fire Element

For the past 10 weeks, your sense of physical security has been tested.

Aries, March 20-April 19, initiating spiritual (fire, visionary)

Your life has resembled Sandy (Olivia Newton-John) in the musical Grease. Shy and retiring (when you lack the courage to assert yourself), but when called to, you have the ability to transform into a ball of fire. It all boils down to not only being who you are but also demonstrating your real self for all to see. Sure, there have been times when you have not wanted to sweat any devilish details; however, once you've gotten over yourself, you've realized just how much you have to offer and what it is worth. Being the one that you want has rarely felt better. Continue to act from the courage you know exists within. This weekend is tailor-made to rejoin the group of friends (or those whom you want to be such) you have missed for reasons that pride interferes with authentic connection. You've changed; why could have others, too?

Leo, July 23-August 22, concentrating spiritual (building your identity)

When you have more, more is expected of you. Your personal integrity has been on the line of late. The buck has stopped with you because you've noticed when true responsibility has been sadly lacking. No whining allowed, only joyous response to your growing self-worth. This is your most expansive time of your solar year. Aries brings out the scrappy fighter within. You cannot afford to lie back and let someone else do your work. Basically, you are moving from the realm of possibilities to the world of what you can actually accomplish. It is not glamorous, but it is worthwhile. Observe what your closest people desire and find a way to make it happen. You will get the reflected pleasure of serving others.

Sagittarius, November 22-December 21, adapting spirituality, wise adviser

Bigger is not necessarily better. More is sometimes not merrier. Learning real discernment can be troublesome and ponderous. These next several weeks, it is important to pay rapt attention to what is being given freely to you. It is your quiet appreciation shown privately that we will most likely believe, not the grand gestures. Hence, the adage "less is more." By the end of next week, you can return to your free spirited ways, but for now real humility repairs lost relationships.

Earth Element

Usually the most conservative of the four elements, you've had to come correct and direct in many relationships or you have been oversacrificing what matters to you.

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

At some point, you must set the boundaries on what you are giving to others. Knowing your worth and the worth of what you offer gains our respect. No one can tell you how valuable you are. Since the beginning of the year, those around you have attempted to reflect your true worth. Even in disagreement, it has been to arouse you into action, defending what you know to be true. Your capacity to act from a capable and inspired self matters. It is not about waiting or asking for anyone's permission. You wouldn't admit that you were delaying any action based on someone else's approval, but at least be honest with yourself. Life will return to your normal very soon. If confused, retreat into your private space until you know what is the best direction for you to take.

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