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Belief Is Not Required



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You were born to remind us of our responsibilities to the physical world. Sure, this can make you seem controlling and conservative. Secretly, though, we appreciate your playing bailiff to our free spirit. Just don't overdo it, OK?

Taurus, April 20-May 20, concentrating earth (physical)

I remember a talking bottle of syrup in TV commercials. "Mrs. Butterworth's, I presume." Unlike Dr. Livingston, she was kissing cousins to Aunt Jemima. Our worth as a people hinged sometimes on playing to certain stereotypes. When you brim over with self-confidence, it shows. Your specific question is, "What is my worth?" The more self-worth, the slower you are with your "hookups." The current planetary lineup conspires to give you so much access to self-worth and esteem that you could be an African-American woman who collects antebellum memorabilia or anyone who goes home again as their true self. One of the most beautiful aspects to your nature is that you treat everyone you meet on the sidewalk of life the same. It makes you extremely attractive.

Virgo, August 23-September 22, adapting earth (physical)

One of your ruling planets has just begun to move. It is Mercury. Mr. Communication himself has spent more than eight weeks in the astrological real estate where your ability to have conscious relationship lands. Huh? You are learning to speak up after deliberation. How may you serve those closest to you? Your exacting service must be without resentment that often comes with over-giving. It will not be until the week of April 16 that you will begin to sense you can create new pathways to mutual satisfaction in your closest relationships. For now, ask and imagine where you can adapt to your given set of circumstances with the least amount of pain.

Capricorn, December 22-January 20, initiating earth (physical)

Taskmaster Saturn demands that you know which role you play in society. Our families being our introduction into society, you have a well-tutored capacity to demonstrate the proper mature mask outside the home, while playing the role of child inside your home. Hello, it's all about balance. "What is my social role?" And, like fiery and confident Leo (who feeds your melancholy spirit), saving face means much to you. Presently, your mind is alive with thoughts of how to get ahead. Please remember that those you see going up the ladder of success are the same folks you see coming down. Treat the janitor the same way you treat the management, OK?

Air Element

No fire without air. We need your detached and observing ways to keep our spirits fresh and inspirational.

Gemini, May 21-June 20, adapting intellectual

Yes, three times a year for approximately three weeks, your guardian angel, Mercury, slows down and goes retrograde. It is important that this happens because it causes your mind to become reflective and concerned about the intention behind communication. You learn through these periods that the surface of speech can belie the meaning of said speech. A gaffe in the infotainment media garnishes entirely too much attention. And they happen a lot during these Mercury slowdowns. Etch A Sketch ring a bell for you? This childhood toy is an appropriate metaphor for you for the next 10 days. Shake up and scatter images you have placed in our minds that simply are not real or true. You are entirely better than from where you've come. Your Christmas miracle on your proverbial 34th Street is that you are starting to believe that you have immense mental capacity, no matter what "they" told you.

Libra, September 23-October 22, initiating intellectual

"Can we talk?" This question speaks volumes to your relational skills. In order to relate to others, you must be able to listen. Sometimes, you choose to use an owl totem's energies to hear what isn't being said. (Owl medicine in Native American/First Nation lore represents the ability to see through deceptions of all kinds you know; those tufts of feathers look like ears.) With Venus sitting oh so pretty in Gemini until August 7, your ears will hear all sorts of things you thought were long out of range. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to give voice to those seemingly intangible conversations inside your mind. Please share what you are perceiving. The more it makes us uncomfortable, the more you'll have to listen to when you have to get over an aversion to confrontation. Suspending a temporary and superficial peace will work wonders for your relationships in the long run. I guarantee it like the clothes makes the man (and so does exceptional jewelry worn well).

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