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Friday, July 22, at the Jackpot Saloon.


Being a little crazy in New York is nothing new, but resident space cadet Beans is bringing hip-hop into a brave new world with a schizophrenic delivery of futuristic beats and light-speed lyrics that teeter on the edge of sanity. On "Diamond Halo Grenade," he nervously twitches, With your cheap pet tricks/Barking bravado like super chickens/More harmless than drowned kittens/Cold in a morgue with no mittens. And the church bells that drive "You're Dead, Let's Disco" keep libidos gyrating without the repressed memories. After spending the majority of his post-Anti-Pop Consortium days on the road showcasing his solo releases Tomorrow Right Now and Shock City Maverick for DJ Shadow, Tortoise and Radiohead audiences, Beans is shelving the mediocrity of his usual Midi backup band and heading out for the first time with Holy Fuck, a live ensemble consisting of members of LCD Soundsystem and OutHud.

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