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The P&W District wants to ban jerseys, but what about the dangerous duder version of bling?


When the Power and Light District had its grand opening earlier this month, it also rolled out the metro's first widespread ban of baggy clothes, jerseys and work boots — basically, anything that reeks of thugwear.

In a KSHB Channel 41 report on the dress code, reporter Larry Seward interviewed Lucky Strike Lanes owner Barry Poynter and community activist Alonzo Washington. They both probably had something insightful to say, but we here at the Department of Burnt Ends were already thinking about the other things we'd like to see banned, such as Poynter's landing-strip goatee and Washington's Bluetooth headset and dark aviator sunglasses, which he was wearing at night.

Here are some further suggestions on how the district can avoid trouble that comes in the form of roofied drinks, pretentious attitudes and general douchebagginess.

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