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Backfire BBQ


Entrepreneur Steven Schussler, a man with grandiose visions, is the CEO of Schussler Creative Inc., a collective of designers, engineers and developers that creates retail and restaurant venues. Specializing in spaces that border on total sensory overload (yet remain family-friendly), the team is the force behind the Legends at Village West's T-Rex. This month, Schussler celebrates his second KCK opening with Backfire BBQ (1855 Village West Parkway), an Orange County Choppers-inspired, 8,300-square-foot monument dedicated to meat and vehicles and all the lifestyle traits and kitsch that come with them. The third barbecue joint to open at the Legends, Backfire claims to have one of KC's largest meat smokers, and it also features a retail outlet, an outdoor s'mores pit and a booze menu full of “Sturgis style” cocktails. Examples: a bloody mary with grilled pickles and a concoction of Boulevard Pale Ale, Pama and Effen Black Cherry called a Shovelhead Sling. Open seven days a week, Backfire BBQ promises full-throttle stimulation but, unfortunately, not separate motorcycle parking (yet).
Dec. 10-April 10, 2009

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