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Awesome Color

Awesome Color (Ecstatic Peace )


When Ann Arbor, Michigan, trio Awesome Color rocks, it shifts gears into one of two speeds: a relentlessly repetitive, scratchy chug-a-lunge (the majority of this self-titled debut) or a relentlessly repetitive, scratchy chug-a-lunge ("Animal") in which singer and ax-wielder Derek Stanton spasmodically communes with his inner guitar god while drummer Allison Busch and bassist Michael Troutman keep the rhythm section goosenecking along. Equally captivating are Awesome Color's first-gear moves: seizing guitars and bleating harmonicas clashing and gnashing in snake-versus-mongoose fashion all over "Dinosaur," railroad spikes of inside-out saxophone nailing "Hat Energy" into memory. Rock-royalty rugged — weathered, nicotine-stained, knowing — Stanton's vocals are the chaser to the music's thorny groove, a necessary oasis between solos and mini-solos. Take what you want/Take what you need/Do it every day/You're just like me/I'm just a free man, he confides in a hush at one point, before teasing a couple more fantastic, smoking leads from that guitar.

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