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Teen Spirit (MCA)


Despite the fact that none of its members were alive when ABBA broke up in 1982, the impossibly cute A*Teens "paid tribute" to the band with the misleadingly titled note-for-note-covers album The Abba Generation. Somehow, this disc went gold, inspiring a sequel. The good news is that this quartet has ceased raping ABBA's cold, dead corpse. The bad news is that, as suggested by the album's title, Teen Spirit, the A*Teens have moved on to Nirvana. Well, not really, but even that sacrilegious venture surely would have proved more interesting than these unlucky thirteen tracks of bland teeny-bopper pop.

Occasionally, the A*Teens scratch their way out of the doldrums of banality, achieving guilty-pleasure status. The catchy "Firefly," which features the Britney-worthy lyric When I said go/I never meant away./You ought to know by now/the freaky games we play, provides the lone real highlight. Teen Spirit offers some rhythmic fodder for dancing queens, but ultimately its by-the-numbers approach proves disheartening.

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