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Appleseed Cast

Friday, November 1, at the Bottleneck.


Hearing the Appleseed Cast (pictured) reconfigure its ambitious studio odysseys in a live setting is always a treat -- the Lawrence quartet is smart enough not to overplay its hometown. That's not to say local music fans can't catch AC members moonlighting on a regular basis: Guitarist Aaron Pillar fronts Hundred Hands, which also features AC singer and guitarist Chris Crisci. Crisci is causing a minor stir with his new project, Old Canes, and AC bassist Marc Young has become a fixture of the Tijuana Crime Scene. But the acclaimed outfit has cleared its side-project schedule for November, when it will trek through the right half of the country. It's a familiar story for Salt the Earth, which has logged as many miles as humanly possible over the last year, including a trio of summer Warped Tour dates. Fans familiar with the band's heavy/melodic studio work are often shocked upon catching its live set for the first time. Ratcheting up the distortion, energy and tempos to the bursting point, STE transforms into a rip-snorting rock beast that destroys all in its path.

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