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Apocalypse Theatre

Sunday, August 10, at the Bunker, 10520 East 40 Highway in Independence.


Minneapolis' goth-industrial collective Apocalypse Theatre blends the sexy and the scary in a compelling fashion, sounding like Marilyn Manson might if he didn't push himself past self-parody. Honing its live show at bonanzas such as Burning Man, Mutant Fest and Dark Arts Fest, this coed seven-piece combines audiovisual elements with tribal percussion and attention-grabbing attire. Proudly nomadic, the band spent years on the road without a home base, playing at any makeshift venue, no matter how informal or outlandish. More than seventy members have shuffled in and out of its lineup, but the current crew, responsible for the sensationally spooky 2002 CD Lost in America, might be its most talented incarnation yet.

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