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Anvil Chorus

Friday, June 10, at El Torreon. Also with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Cheer Accident. Saturday, June 11, at the Hurricane.


Like fellow 2004 Band Scramble survivor Silver Shore, Anvil Chorus has made only a single alteration to its drawn-from-a-hat lineup. But it's a substantial one. Byron Huhmann, formerly the driving force behind Onward Crispin Glover (and an eerie dead ringer for its namesake), gives the group a versatile second guitarist. Power-pop riffs have been Huhmann's bread and butter for more than a decade, but here he unveils his experimental side, ornamenting elegant songs with creative clatter. However, pianist and vocalist Anna Cole, with her spellbinding stage presence and seductive delivery, remains Anvil Chorus' central figure. Anvil Chorus occasionally opens for considerably heavier headliners, as is the case with both of this weekend's shows, because its stage show often enchants the moshing masses.

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