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¡Fiebre de Danza!


Unlike the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Rockhurst University has no rep for swallowing up neighborhoods and cultures, and it’s not the one allowing anti-immigration lawyer Kris Kobach to teach immigration law. Still, when talk turns to “diversity,” no area college stirs a bigger laugh than Rockhurst. That doesn’t mean the Jesuits aren’t trying. The college will open its fall film series tonight at 7 with Fernando Solanas’ 1985 musical, Tangos, the Exile of Gardel. Solanas fled Argentina for France after the coup of 1976, and in Tangos he mourns this dislocation through passionate dance and song. The story ties together the music and the sorrow, but the soul here is all in performance. This screening will be held at the Mabee Theater in Sedgwick Hall, at 54th Street and Troost. The films shown over the next two Thursdays are about France, Cuba and emigrating to the United States. The showings stand as further proof of the great truth about colleges: No matter how honky the school, the hearts of its less-funded departments beat with such multiculti brio that Putamayo could record it, mix it and slap it onto a disc. Fall Film Series
Thu., Sept. 6, 7 p.m.

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