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Ain't Them Bodies Saints



Go outside. Listen to the bugs until they sound like fiddle music. Or is that a fiddle, just across the county line, praying like crickets? Lie on your back, under heaven, not too far from the blacktop road. Casey Affleck is walking that road. Rooney Mara is down it aways. Pay them no mind yet. Disregard detail. Look at the clouds and see a mustache and then put that mustache on Ben Foster and make a wish. Recall some love that was always more epistolary than tactile. Is that it now on the breeze? Probably not. Fire a pistol into the indigo dusk but not straight up, or else the bullet will fall back to earth and pierce you. There are consequences even in vaporous light. But you knew that. Consider when it is polite to ask your friend to return your Criterion Blu-ray of Badlands.


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