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With all the recent hoopla over the whole "is organic really healthier" debate, and the "will this GMO soy give me cancer" study, this is the time to get to know the people who grow and sell your food. At BadSeed, you can do just that. Co-owners Brooke Salvaggio and Daniel Heryer grow bountiful crops that aren't sprayed, and they do it in untilled, sustainable, Kansas City soil. When we want great local produce, free-range eggs and other not-afraid-to-be-called-artisan goodies, we head for the BadSeed summer farmers market (4–9 p.m. every Friday through November 16). After that? We hit the winter market (4–8 p.m. Fridays from November 20 through the end of February), of course. We like their how-to classes and special events, too.

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