About a year ago, the corner of 14th Street and Main was perfectly solid: Drunken Fish; Fran's Restaurant; Zafar Salon, Spa & Boutique; and an AMC movie theater. But over the past 12 months, it has become the coolest intersection in the city. AMC is out; Alamo Drafthouse, with its first-run indies, quote-alongs and fine eats, is in. Fran's has been replaced by the second location of Prairie Village burger hot spot BRGR. Up above BRGR is the Kill Devil Club, a swanky joint where you can sip good cocktails while boning up on the local jazz scene. And Zafar and Drunken Fish are still holding down the other two corners. If we could just find a cot to sleep on in the back of one of these joints, we'd hardly need to leave.  

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