1447 Independence Avenue
816-842-6800 | phohoa.com/kansascity

Some view dining solo as akin to having sex alone: shameful and best done quickly, furtively and in a dark place. These same uptight people prefer devouring their drive-thru burgers in cars rather than at tables in real restaurants. But there's nothing embarrassing about wanting to enjoy the luxury of a restaurant experience without a dining companion. Free of boring conversation, you can indulge in a good book or daydream while eating. At restaurateur Spike Nguyen's Pho Hoa, a casual Vietnamese joint on Independence Avenue, tables for one are treated as warmly as big parties. The Wi-Fi is free, and the music is unobtrusive for those who want to read or eavesdrop on adjoining tables while leisurely lunching on wonderful banh mi sandwiches or pho bowls.

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