Model railroads, Battlestar Galactica, canned beer — every­one's a geek for something. And we're all closer in our offbeat enthusiasms than we sometimes realize. You built a recumbent bike out of prewar plastic pieces. The driver who just ran you off the road collects Depression-era Bakelite utensils. Brothers and sisters, can't we all just geek out together?

Yes, it turns out, we can, by remembering that geekdom begins at home — in your hometown.That's why, once a year, The Pitch sets aside civic dissatisfaction to celebrate the things that keep us in Kansas City. The things that make us geek out.The coolest, sharpest public figures. The places we show off to out-of-town visitors. The food we look forward to at work all day, and the booze we drink at night. The tunnel-vision artists and the ambitious theaterfolk and the drop-dead sirens. The entrepreneurs and the shopkeepers. And you and you and even you, you freakin' nerd — the people who show up alongside us wherever we dine, drink and dawdle. Our fellow geeks.

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