After months of teasing Google Fiber, the Internet monolith finally alerted Kansas City of an event scheduled for July 26 at its Westport Road office. Everyone knew the score: Google Fiber's rollout would be announced. But, damn, Google pulled off the reveal in style. Google organized shuttle buses to ferry VIPs and members of the media from parking lots throughout the neighborhood to the invitation-only event. Classy hors d'oeuvres were served. The irrepressibly peppy, T-shirt-clad staff didn't let persistent rain dent their smiles; they handed out umbrellas. Inside Google's office building, the atmosphere was as close to an Apple keynote address as Kansas City will ever get. As Google officials announced the options — $70 a month for ultrafast Fiber, an impressive channel lineup for Fiber's TV service — people in the VIP area cheered like the Chiefs were winning the Super Bowl. One-gigabite-per-second Internet could be one of most important innovations of our generation. And we're giddy that it got its start in Kansas City.

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