Best of Kansas City: Night
We are not morning people. Shut up — you aren’t, either. We like sunrises as much as the next Eagle Scout, we guess, but we prefer a sunset the color of a two-cherry Manhattan. We like Manhattans. We like a beer and a steak and a beer. We like to watch the sun go down behind the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. We like to watch early evening’s commuters look a moment at the Boulevard headquarters when it lights up. We like the blue glow of the Roasterie’s plane. We like to congratulate ourselves for doing what we set out to do today, give or take the grocery store and having to leave the Nelson-Atkins before we were ready. There’s tomorrow, too, and sometimes we like tomorrow better. We like to talk with our friends about where we might go for drinks, for dinner, for drinks again. We like plays. We like First Friday in the Crossroads and in the West Bottoms. We like club shows and dive bars. Some of us like our chances with someone we met tonight. Some of us like our chances with someone who keeps going home with us. We like that so much of what’s best to eat and drink and see and do and think about in the daytime can be done — sometimes better still — at night. We like night anywhere. But we love the nighttime most right here, when the best of Kansas City glows just right.

Best of Kansas City: Day
We are morning people. Shut up — we are! We like to watch the sun rise against the downtown skyline, painting Union Station and the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts optimistic shades of orange and yellow. We like coffee and eggs and then more coffee. We like watching other morning people sing to themselves in the next highway lane. We like to tend our mental list of what we must do and where we might go today. Grocery store after work, for sure, but maybe the labyrinth at the Nelson-Atkins over lunch. We like to turn on the computer and see the KC websites and Twitter feeds wake up. We like to talk with our co-workers about the Royals, about the Chiefs, about Sporting. We like that our co-workers like these conversations a little more this year. We like lunch with our colleagues, lunch with friends, lunch alone. We like window-shopping. We like browsing record stores and bookstores. We like the bus sometimes. We like parks. Some of us like our city’s chances for improvement these days. Some of us like the ways in which our city is already better than it was a year ago. We like that so much of what’s best to buy and see and experience and talk about come nighttime are things we took care of when the sun was a little higher. We like daylight anywhere. But we love the daytime most right here, when the best of Kansas City gleams just right.

Art director: Jeremy Luther
Photographer: Chris Mullins
Writers: Theresa Bembnister, Liz Cook, Jacob Corbin, Charles Ferruzza, Natalie Gallagher, Deborah Hirsch, David Hudnall, Angela Lutz, Ben Palosaari, Nancy Hull Rigdon, Abbie Stutzer, Steve Vockrodt
Proofreader: Brent Shepherd
Copy editor: Deborah Hirsch
Managing editor: Justin Kendall
Editor: Scott Wilson

The models: Verona Fink, Zeth McReynolds, Kelsey Wroten, Anna Svoboda-Stel
Wardrobe: Provided by Halls on Grand
Chloe the pig: By special arrangement with Keith and Julie Towner