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77 Jefferson

In the Right Mood



Reggae without a low end isn't reggae at all. The first third of 77 Jefferson's latest release, In the Right Mood, sounds like reggae for college kids who think Bob Marley is exotic. Opening tracks "On My Way Home" and "Me and You" focus on chicken-scratch guitar and Joel Castillo's nasal vocals, and bury the bass and drums. The result is a sound that's comfortably couched between Jack Johnson and Sublime. Thankfully, 77 Jefferson begins to relax into a laid-back groove when "Ichiban" drops the treble, booms the bass and adds a space-age pulse. That song plus "Ride On" and "Always Loving You" form a block that proves sturdy enough to hold up even the misguided acoustic confessional "Lost My Love." Still, the album's high point is the uptown skank "Live Like Kings," which sets a heavy reggae groove to ska's upbeat speed. In the Right Mood lacks the chops to elevate it beyond simple competence, but it's a solid effort.

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