Match-up With Broncos & Seahawks Are Top Priced Tickets On 2014 Chiefs Schedule


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The NFL schedule for the 2014 season has officially been put on display for all to see, making now a great time to see what's in store for the Kansas City Chiefs schedule this year.

Alex Smith and Jamaal Charles led a surprisingly effective KC offense last season, while a nasty defense helped new head coach Andy Reid guide the Chiefs to a killer 9-0 start. Coming off of a horrid 2-14 season the previous season, the Chiefs' stellar 11-5 finish and trip to the playoffs was a welcomed happening for KC fans.

After two tight battles with the Denver Broncos last year, KC will aim to tighten things up on defense and give it a serious go for the NFC West division crown. It won't be easy, but the Chiefs appear to have the talent and coaching to give it a shot.

To see just how good their chances might be, let's break down the Kansas City Chiefs schedule at home in 2014:

9/7/14 - vs. Tennessee Titans | Avg: $277 | Get-in: $30

KC kicks off 2014 at home against Jake Locker and the Tennessee Titans in a game they should be able to snag to get to 1-0. It's 3.4% more expensive than their home game season average ($268) but should still offer a nice value in a game that should end with a victory.

9/29/14 - vs. New England Patriots | Avg: $341 | Get-in: $65

The Chiefs can use this late September tilt with the Pats as a true measuring stick, as Tom Brady and co. will come in and test the KC defense. This one is actually still a very good value despite coming in at nearly 28% more expensive than KC's average game at home. Kansas City's defense will be tested in a likely shootout.

10/26/14 - vs. St. Louis Rams | Avg: $276 | Get-in: $33

Kansas City gets a breather in their third home game of 2014, as the inferior Rams come to town. St. Louis will look to put the wraps on Jamaal Charles, but will certainly have their hands full in another solid value buy that is just 3% pricier than Kansas City's average home game.

11/2/14 - vs. New York Jets | Avg: $229 | Get-in: $30

Gang Green enters Kansas City in early November for a heated AFC throwdown that could really go either way. This game has the potential to be a big clash with playoff implications, yet offers tremendous value at 14.52% below Kansas City's home game average.

11/16/14 - vs. Seattle Seahawks | Avg: $297 | Get-in: $58

Outside of maybe the Denver Broncos, Kansas City gets it's stiffest test of the season when the defending Super Bowl champs come to town in mid-November. It could be a defensive battle, but should still be a hard fought contest. Coming in at just 10.87% over the home game average, it's excellent value.

11/30/14 - vs. Denver Broncos | Avg: $268 | Get-in: $55

Peyton Manning and co. come to Kansas City as the Chiefs try to get their first win at home against the Broncos since Manning signed on three years ago. Chiefs fans will cross their fingers it's a shootout in a game that is barely over the home game average (+0.04%). Needless to say, it's an amazing value for the biggest division game of the 2014 season.

12/14/14 - vs. Oakland Raiders | Avg: $164 | Get-in: $39

Easily the cheapest home game of the year, KC's battle with the Raiders gives Chiefs fans a 38.78% discount on the home game season average. Divisional games tend to be a bit more intense, but the Raiders aren't built to win right now. This should be another win for the Chiefs.

12/28/14 - vs. San Diego Chargers | Avg: $194 | Get-in: $36

KC ends the 2014 season in dramatic fashion with an intense home battle with a division foe. Philip Rivers and co. will likely be battling for a wild card spot, so the finale will carry a ton of hype and potentially a ton of weight for the playoffs, as well. Despite the potential intensity surrounding this contest, KC fans still get a major discount, with this one priced at almost 28% below the Chiefs' home game average.

Kansas City Chiefs tickets are at tremendous value in 2014, as KC is coming off of a trip to the playoffs and will aim even higher this season. They appear to be built to make a deep playoff run, but brutal home matchups with the Seahawks, Broncos and Patriots won't make it easy.


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