The Serious Artist Tour, with comedians Joe McAdam, Nick Rouley and the Puterbaugh sisters, is at RecordBar tomorrow



Joe McAdam.
  • Joe McAdam.
Joe McAdam left KC several years ago for Chicago, where he did the comedy thing - stand-up gigs and eventually playing the Ed McMahon sidekick role on The Late Live Show, a live, Letterman-style talk show that drew positive notice from comedy tastemakers like Splitsider and the AV Club. This week, McAdam is doing a four-city trip in the middle of the Midwest - Chicago, St. Louis, Lawrence and Kansas City - along with comedians Nick Rouley and Danielle and Tiffany Puterbaugh. They're calling it the Serious Artist Tour. The tour poster is a pastoral Victorian painting with a bunch of McDonald's trash strewn about the foreground.

The tour stops at RecordBar tomorrow night (Tuesday). We caught up with McAdam earlier today to see what to expect.

Where are you guys right now?

We're in St. Louis. We had a show at a basement bar place yesterday. Now we're trying to figure out how to get on the highway and get to Lawrence for the show tonight. [They're at the the Eighth Street Taproom tonight (Monday). $3.]

So tell me about the show.

It's me and Nick and the Puterbaugh sisters. I met them all in Chicago, and they're all real weirdos. Nick will do stand-up, I'll do stand-up, and then the Puterbaugh sisters have kind of a two-person act thing they do. I really don't even know how to describe it. There's singing involved sometimes. They're sisters that live together and do everything together, two humans with the same brain, basically. They're some of my favorite people to watch onstage.

You moved out to Los Angeles? Are you doing the Late Live Show out there, I heard?

Yeah, I've been in L.A. six months. It's kind of like starting all over again - trying to meet people, doing open mics, getting some stand-up shows. Just trying to get in as much as I can. I'm at the very bottom of the ladder. But yeah, the Late Live Show is still going in L.A. We actually did three shows while I was in Chicago on this trip.

Anything else interesting going on?

Well, apparently, we are now pulling into a gas station. Somebody in the car is about to throw up. I think Danielle is about to throw up. Things got weird last night.

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