RecordBar and Alamo Drafthouse bring fake movie bands to life with Weird Science tributes on Sunday and Monday


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Weird Science, brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse and RecordBar.
  • Weird Science, brought to you by the Alamo Drafthouse and RecordBar.

On Monday, December 30, the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet presents the classic 1980s film Weird Science, co-sponsored by RecordBar. It's a natural pairing, given that RecordBar will be hosting a Sonic Spectrum tribute with the music of John Hughes' films the night before. In fact, RecordBar co-owner Steve Tulipana's band, Mr. T and the BAs, will reprise their performance from the tribute before the screening on Sunday. 

It's the final pairing of bands and movies in a year that has seen Alamo creative director Ryan Davis put together quite a series of film screenings and musical performances.

"It all comes from the fact that the guys who played the band in Almost Famous - Stillwater - they knew the songs, and they joked around on the special-edition DVD about touring," Davis explains. "It made me want to see that band live."

In addition to having members of the Sons of Great Dane, the Good Foot and Cherokee Rock Rifle combine to play the likes of "Fever Dog," Davis has helped bring about Sex Bob-Omb after a screening of Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World, featuring members of Many Moods of Dad, Deco Auto and the Dead Girls.

"We saw Scott Pilgrim, and that was another band I wanted to see live. It was just kind of these fake movie bands that no one will see in person we had to just make come to life."

This particular partnership between RecordBar and the Alamo has been a long time coming, Tulipana says: "Ryan and I have been talking for some time about working together on special events at Alamo. I wasn't sure at first which Hughes film he was picking for the tie-in, but I can say this is one of my favorites."

Davis agrees: "Me and Steve have been talking about doing events for years and years and years. We just wanted to do something special, and this kind of came from it. Before it, we'd talked about showing Darjeeling Limited at MiniBar because of the whole traveling theme and things like that, and just never got around to it."

The screening of Weird Science will be on 35 mm, which is the format the Drafthouse aims for when presenting special screenings, opting only for digital when an actual print can't be found.

While many Alamo screenings feature handouts of props, for this one, you're on your own.

Tulipana's already onboard, saying, "I think I'm going to bring my own head bra."

And, really, that's the goal, Davis says, referring to the likes of Tulipana or Scene-Stealers' Eric Melin as "the guys who make my dreams come true."

"Hopefully, everybody will wear bras on their heads."

In addition to the screening of Weird Science at the Alamo Drafthouse Mainstreet on Monday, December 30, Robert Moore's Sonic Spectrum will present a night of bands interpreting and covering music featured in John Hughes' films on Sunday, December 29, at RecordBar, with performances from Mr. T and the BAs, members of the Vi Tran Band and Late Night Callers, and solo sets from Tim Harte and Cody Wyoming.

For more info on the Monday-night screening, go here. For details on the Sunday-night show at RecordBar, go here


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