Shatto Birthday Cake Milk is a drinkable cupcake



Its cake without the candles.
  • It's cake without the candles.
I have dipped my finger in a can of frosting. And now I know what it is like to have that frosting blended up for me and poured into a glass. Shatto's Birthday Cake milk, the sixth release this year marking the dairy's 10th anniversary, tastes like a drinkable cupcake or the ice-cream soup left at the bottom of a cup of Cold Stone Creamery's Birthday Cake Remix.

The dairy in Osborn, Missouri, released five previous flavors: blueberry (last month), chocolate cherry, mint chocolate, cookies and cream and apple pie. The latest flavor was created as part of a benefit for the Ronald McDonald House in Kansas City (each bottle comes with a hang tag encouraging milk drinkers to donate). The sentiment is sweet - the milk is sweeter - but birthday cake milk is ultimately not my cup of frosting. Does this milk make you want to celebrate?

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