Youth Lagoon is playing synthed-out indie music at RecordBar this Sunday



Trevor Powers - better known by his stage name Youth Lagoon - is a fresh 23 years old, and he's making music for other 23-year-olds who are into experimental computer music and weird, noisy synth-pop. His sophomore album, Wondrous Bughouse, is a densely layered mess of electronic carnival sounds. 

Powers' music would sound entirely appropriate blasting from camouflaged speakers in a House of Mirrors, which would actually be a really cool way to see him perform - and would match the strange anxiety of his lyrics really well - but until he can pack that set-up into his tour van, RecordBar will work just fine.

Austin-based Pure X is opening; their ambient, lo-fi electronica should match the frenzy of Youth Lagoon nicely. 

You can chill out to the video for "Mute" below. 

Youth Lagoon and Pure X will be at RecordBar on Sunday, September 29. Ticket info here

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