The next time you vomit in a taxi in Manhattan, Kansas, you'll have to pay $75



Fares are rising for bad drunks.
  • (seriously)
  • Fares are rising for bad drunks.
Manhattan, Kansas, is not a very big place. How far from one end of town to the other? Ten minutes at most? But too many Kansas State undergrads are drinking too many Fireball shots and Bud Lights, and eating too much pizza dipped in ranch sauce. Then some of them get in taxicabs (which is good!), but before they reach their extremely close destinations, they vomit all those things in the backseat like horrible, disgusting animals. What to do about these human pigs?

Yesterday, city commissioners in Manhattan, Kansas, approved a measure that gives cab drivers the right to charge a $75 fee when riders throw up in their taxis. That's actually pricier than what it costs to throw up in a Chicago taxi. We just called Yellow Cab in Kansas City and asked if they have a set charge for vomiting riders, and the guy said, "Oh yeah, that's a $75 detail job, every time." So there you go. Don't say you weren't warned.

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