Here's your Lebanon sex slave case sentencing roundup


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In all, five men will do time for their participation in a disturbing sadomasochistic case coming out of Lebanon where a 16-year-old runaway became the object of several peoples' fringe sexual preferences.

Edward Bagley, Sr., ran this troubling show by the moniker "Master Ed." The Pitch reported Wednesday that he received a 20-year sentence, but not before hearing from his victim for the last time about her harrowing experience.

Joining Bagley on the path to incarceration on Thursday were Michael Stokes, a 65-year-old who liked to go by "The Rodent," and James Noel, a 47-year-old from Springfield, both of whom received five-year prison sentences with no parole.
Stokes pleaded in 2012 to a charge of sex trafficking for his role in the Bagley case, which was described in a federal indictment as visiting Bagley with a bag of torture devices in tow and alternately having sex with the victim (known as F.V. in court records) and watching Bagley try out various BDSM techniques on her. Stokes was also responsible for marketing F.V. to strip clubs around Lebanon and helping finance her journey to California, where she would eventually end up on the cover of Hustler Magazine offshoot Taboo.

Somehow, Stokes caught wind that the feds were looking into the F.V. case and tried to get rid of his sex devices and evidence of his encounters with F.V. on his computer.

Noel has pleaded guilty to similar allegations, including subjecting F.V. to electric shocks through the use of a crank telephone.

On Wednesday, 34-year-old Kirkwood resident Bradley Cook and 53-year-old Wheatland, Missouri, postmaster Dennis Henry received 20- and 10-year prison terms, respectively. 

Cook admitted to watching F.V.'s torture sessions online and traveling to Lebanon several times to have sex with her. He told investigators that her treatment was the worst he'd seen. And he had apparently seen quite a bit, having compensated Bagley for permission to have sex with F.V. with hard drives full of BDSM imagery.

Henry was charged with participating in F.V.'s torture sessions.

In addition to these men's prison terms, Bagley's wife, Marilyn Bagley, got five years of probation, admitting that she knew what was going on with F.V. The feds believed that she had been victimized by her husband over the years and sought a more lenient sentencing than the other men.

All six defendants have to chip in $123,041 in restitution for a grand total of $738,250. That money will pay for psychological and medical care for the victim.


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