Susan "Liz" Van Note now has to answer to two charges of murder




The strange case of Susan "Liz" Van Note took another twist on Tuesday as the Lee's Summit lawyer was tagged with an additional murder charge related to the shooting death of her father, William Van Note.

Liz Van Note was brought up on an additional first degree murder charge in Camden County, Missouri, this one for the death of William Van Note's girlfriend, Sharon Dickson. Dickson and Van Note were expecting to get married, plans that were cut short almost three years ago.

Dickson died on October 2, 2010, when she was shot three times in the head in a Lake of the Ozarks-area house. William Van Note, a Liberty millionaire, was also shot alongside Dickson but wouldn't die until days later when Liz Van Note arrived at a hospital with legal documents that said she had the power to have her comatose father removed some life-sustaining ventilators.

Liz Van Note was originally charged with the murder of her father, but now faces charges for both deaths along with a separate count of forgery related to authorities' belief that she forged the documents that gave her the power to tell hospital workers to cut the ventilator on her father.

Prosecutors at one point believed Van Note had help with the forgery from Stacey and Desre' Dory, both of Shawnee. But those charges were dropped on Tuesday for reasons that were not immediately clear. Online court records show that a pretrial conference was held on September 9 in Boone County, Missouri, Court where Desre' Dory faced forgery charges.

For a good primer on this case, check out this 2012 story in The Pitch about the weird financial machinations involved.

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