Jeremy LaFaver, Missouri House Representative from Kansas City, picked up on pot charges



LaFaver had the Sunday blues.
  • LaFaver had the Sunday blues.

It's one of those cardinal rules people sometimes learn the hard way: You've gotta be paying those traffic tickets.

If you're not paying those traffic tickets, be careful driving and don't keep pot around.

Jeremy LaFaver, a Kansas City Democrat serving his first term in the Missouri House, followed neither of those maxims and has an arrest record over the weekend with the Missouri Highway Patrol to prove it.

A Missouri Highway Patrol report indicates that LaFaver got stopped in Boone County, Missouri, on Sunday and was hauled off to jail when a trooper discovered a small amount of weed with the young politician along with some drug paraphernalia (presumably a pipe).

The authorities also realized that LaFaver didn't show up to a May 7 court date in Moniteau County, Missouri, after being pulled over a month earlier for driving an unregistered car.

LaFaver apologized to his supporters for the incident and denied being high while he drove, according to various media reports.

Look, we hate standing in line at the DMV as much as the next person, but here's to hoping LaFaver can tend to his obligations the next time around.

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