Would you knowingly eat roadkill?



Keep your knife and fork at 10 and two?
  • Mike Licht, Notionscapital.com
  • Keep your knife and fork at 10 and two?
In most states, there's a big difference between a carhop and eating the thing your car hops over. But most states aren't Montana. The New York Times writes about a new law, which allows residents of Montana to take what they strike, or see on the side of the road, home to cook.

In Kansas, you have to call the local sheriff and have it tagged before a deer can be taken to a processing plant. The Missouri Department of Conservation has a recipe for Skunk Pot Roast on its website. I've had rattlesnake (of the nonroadside variety) and venison jerky (made from a deer that allegedly tangled with a Ford), and I was happy with both experiences. But given the choice, would you knowingly eat roadkill?

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