Shatto's Cookies & Cream milk is still out there



No dunking necessary. The cookies are pre-loaded in the bottle.
  • No dunking necessary. The cookies are preloaded in the bottle.
Summer drinks are like camp romances - you hang on to them a little too long and forget about them by the time the leaves change. I had a brief dalliance with an Oreo Cream Blast - the novelty of a cookie milkshake being sold at a movie theater seems quaint in light of the current cinema cornucopia - a decade ago that I haven't thought about until I popped the silver lid on a Shatto Cookies & Cream milk.

The third of five special flavors (following chocolate mint and cherry chocolate) marking the 10th anniversary of the Osborn, Missouri, dairy is the most subtle to date. If you've had cookies-and-cream ice cream, you know what you're in for with this one. Just be sure to grab a knife and get scraping because no amount of shaking will dislodge the chocolate at the base of the bottle. Unexpectedly, I found a pint for $2.29 yesterday at McGonigle's. It's worth it if you see it, but not worthy of a separate trip. Anybody else had a chance to sample Shatto's Cookies & Cream milk?

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