Bruce High, father of reportedly kidnapped girl, charged with filing false missing-person report



Lilis father, Bruce High, has been charged with filing a false missing person report.
  • Lili's father, Bruce High, has been charged with filing a false missing-person report.
The story of Lili High, the 5-year-old Gladstone girl who was reported kidnapped on April 7, took another weird turn Tuesday. Clay County assistant prosecutor Kate Noland charged Bruce High, Lili's father, with one misdemeanor count of filing a false missing-person report for failing to tell police that the girl's mother was at the house before he reported his daughter missing.

High originally told police that Lili was at his house when Tami Lamkins, a friend of the girl's mother, came by for a visit. He said he had been getting Lili ready for bed and briefly left the child with Lamkins in the living room. He claimed that Lamkins (who is referred to by her alias, Tami Kelley, in previous news reports) took Lili and fled in Lamkins' car. Authorities issued an Amber Alert.

Court documents now allege that High told police he hadn't had contact with Lili's mother, Christina Willbanks, for four or five days before the supposed kidnapping. Officers spoke with High's friend Eric Longbrake, and he said Willbanks was at High's home the night that he claimed Lili was kidnapped.

On April 8, police arrested Lamkins in Kansas City. During interrogation, Lamkins backed up Longbreak's story. She told detectives that she and Willbanks visited High's home together the night before. Lamkins said High and Willbanks got into an argument, and the two women left the house with Lili. Later that afternoon, police found Willbanks and Lili at the home of a friend in Liberty.

There are likely to be more stories to come out about this situation. High told police that he didn't have documentation stating he had custody of Lili, and police believe Willbanks is homeless. She also told detectives that she didn't immediately call police when the Amber Alert was issued because she has arrest warrants out. The maximum sentence High faces is a year in prison and a $1,000 fine.

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