Alonzo Ruff and Anthony Williams accused of killing UMKC student Aaron Makarian




Alonzo Ruff (left) and Anthony Williams (right) have been charged with second-degree murder in the death of University of Missouri-Kansas City student Aaron Makarian.

Ruff, 20, and Williams, 21, are also charged with first-degree robbery, three counts of first-degree assault and five counts of armed criminal action.

Kansas City police were called to a four-person shooting at 4904 Brookside Boulevard around 11:36 p.m. March 21. Makarian, 23, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other victims were taken to local hospitals or treated at the scene.

One of the victims (referred to as "victim No. 5") told police that Williams (identified as "suspect No. 1" in court records), wearing a ski mask and a black hoodie, entered the home carrying a machete, and Ruff (identified as "suspect No. 2" in court records), whose hair was in cornrows and wearing a black hoodie, followed him, brandishing a semiautomatic handgun. The victim recognized Ruff from high school.

Ruff and Williams allegedly told the victims to sit on a couch, said they were going to take everything and demanded that they hand over their smartphones and wallets. Ruff searched the house. Williams allegedly put the machete to victim No. 5's throat and demanded more - a baggie with about a gram of marijuana.

Ruff allegedly pointed the gun at Makarian on the way out and started shooting, firing about four rounds at the seven people in the home as he walked out the front door.

On March 26, police picked up Anthony Williams. Court records say Williams told police that he and Ruff were driving around on the night in question, looking for a place to rob. They stopped at 4904 Brookside Boulevard. Records say Williams told police that he put on a ski mask because he knew people inside the home. He grabbed a machete, and he and Ruff, who was carrying a semiautomatic handgun, entered the home.

The records say Williams confirmed victim No. 5's story, adding that he and Ruff stole cellphones and split about $400 in stolen cash.

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