Kansas Court rules people could be busted for having out-of-state medical marijuana



Out-of-state smokers cant light up in Kansas.
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  • Out-of-state smokers can't light up in Kansas.
A Colorado man's right to carry medicinal marijuana ended when he crossed over the border into Kansas. The Associated Press reports that the Kansas Court of Appeals ruled Friday that Troy James Cooper, a Colorado resident stopped by a Kansas state trooper, could have been prosecuted for having a small amount of marijuana that his doctor in the western state had legally recommended. Cooper was acquitted of a misdemeanor pot-possession charge based on the 2011 traffic stop, so he can't be retried. However, the case could be a determining factor in how Kansas weights federal law versus other states' tolerance of medicinal marijuana. The AP story points to the court's opinion on that very issue:

"As more states permit the use of medical marijuana, more people may be traveling through Kansas with their medication," the court noted. "That suggests the question could be of some broad interest."

Should Kansas allow out-of-state visitors to bring medicinal marijuana across the state line?

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