Ghost Hunters investigates the spirits at the Belvoir Winery


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Haunted or just old? Thats the eternal question.
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  • Haunted or just old? That's the eternal question.
The ghost bros are back. Fox 4 reports that Ghost Hunters, the phantom searchers from SyFy, made their way through the Belvoir Winery in February in the hopes of discovering the spirits that supposedly haunt...the spirits. The Liberty winery has hosted paranormal investigators in the past, offering guided tours for those who want to see if ghosts roam the halls of the former hotel.

This marks the second ghost exploration show to delve into Kansas City's paranormal activity in the past six months. The Pitch's Ben Palosaari broke down a November episode of Ghost Adventures' (a competing program on the Travel Channel) experiences at Union Station. But as Palosaari discovered, "If there are ghosts in Union Station, they know how to keep a secret."


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