Grunauer has one of America's best beer gardens


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Spring is 16 days away. Hold on to that thought.
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  • Spring is 16 days away. Hold on to that thought.
It's important to remember in times like these that there is ground under the snow. And that ground can be home to a pretty sweet biergarten. Food & Wine just named Grunauer's (101 West 22nd Street) outdoor Shangri-La as one of America's Best Beer Gardens. Here's what F & W had to say:

A tasty Viennese-style menu (think Hungarian beef goulash and Sacher torte) is one draw at this hugely popular beer hall in Greater Downtown. Draft beers are largely German, though a convincing Weizenbock-style beer from California's Lagunitas is also in the lineup. The wine list includes a number of excellent Austrian bottles, like the rich, floral Heidi Schröck Furmint.

So, don't just go there for Oktoberfest. This is one beer garden worthy of year-round celebration.


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