Missouri man brings a toddler along for the ride on a 100 mph police chase



There was a brief high speed chase on Highway 71 yesterday morning.
  • There was a brief high-speed chase on Highway 71 yesterday morning.
Some stories just get worse the more you learn about them. Fox 4 reports that a 23-year-old man led Grandview police on a car chase at speeds of up to 100 mph on southbound Highway 71 early Sunday morning. While the police stopped pursuit of the Dodge Stratus, the car was later found moving at the 14400 block of an access road off Highway 71.

After the vehicle rolled to a stop, it was then that police found the man's 2-year-old son in the backseat. Although there was a car seat, he was not strapped in it. The father was found hiding in a nearby creek. He was taken to Research Medical Center to be treated for hypothermia, the result of hiding in the icy, waist-deep water. The child was placed in state custody. The man, whose name has not yet been released, faces potential charges of child endangerment.

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